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The Cloud is an architectural research project developed within the EASA framework, which explores the generation of dreamlike and sensory spaces through pneumatic architecture.

For the elaboration of the pavilion, 1200m2 of cloth, 12 tons of salt and 2500m3 of air have been used. Combinando estos 3 elementos se genera una atmósfera sumamente onírica y sugerente que asombra y desconcierta al usuario. 

Once inside the pavilion, the first thing that strikes you is the crunch of salt underfoot. We have entered an inert and mineral world, in which space melts into different shades of continuous white that blurs all kinds of reference.


At the end of the tour of the ring, an opening in the envelope draws attention, which leads us to the interior patio of the pavilion. A space for relaxation and meditation, an oasis that contrasts with the saline desert that we have just left behind. 



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