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The Cloud is an architecture research project, developed within the framework of the European Architecture Student Assembly (EASA). It explores the creation of spaces with oneirc and sensory qualities through the use of pneumatic architecture.

For its production, 1200 sqm of fabric, 12 tons of salt and 2500m3 of air were used. By combining these three elements, an extremely oneiric and evocative atmosphere is generated; an atmosphere that astonishes and puzzles the user. 

Once inside the pavilion, the first thing that stands out is the cracking of the salt under the shoes. We have penetrated into an inert mineral world, a desert that blends any spatial reference into a continuous gradient of whites.


After finishing the tour around the ring, an opening in the fabric stands out, leading us to the interior courtyard. A space for meditation, an oasis that antagonizes the saline desert that we just left behind.



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